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  • 20 NIOSH N95 Particulate Respirators
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Merilogy Inc

Pallet (7680) NIOSH Approved N95 Respirators

Premium Protection

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  • Proudly made 20 CDC-NIOSH N95 Particulate Respirators in the USA by Merilogy Inc. in California, Model # 501831
  • NIOSH Approved N95 certified for at least 95 percent filtration efficiency against certain non-oil based particles. [NIOSH Approval#: TC-84A-9294]
  • Dual-headband design and the adjustable nose clip enforce a secure seal for the majority of the user.
  • Folding design with center stitching can create a breathable room between the mouth the inner surface of the mask.
  • Durable latex-free material to ensure you/ wearing comfort and safety. Compatible with a variety of protective eyewear and hearing protection.

    Meets government standards for filtering more than 95% of non-oil-based particles, including viruses, bacteria, molds, fungus, pollution and wildfire smoke particles


    Five material layers across the entire respirator protects both your mouth area, nose and
    non-breathing zones.


    Designed with ideal 3 Dimensional shape combined with NIOSH certified head straps to provide a secure comfortable seal, preventing unfiltered air from penetrating non-breathing zone gaps.

  • Dual Head Straps

    Dual head strap design maximizes fit, comfort, support, and protection.

  • Flexible Nose Wire

    Flexible and adjustable nose wire for a perfect fit and sealed design.

  • Sleek and Light Weight

    Sleek and elegant foldable shape with a lightweight build.