About Us

The Team of Creative Minds

Our team brings expertise in manufacturing, equipment RnD, IoT, RFID and secure
microcontroller applications. The team’s familiarity with security and quality assurance is
represented with Merilogy’s sister company, Silone Cardtech (a certified Visa / MasterCard
/ UnionPay Secure Facility) operating for over 20 years producing the world’s most secure
banking cards, government ID and other security products.
Years of developing skills, refining expertise, and forging a network of high-placed
connections enable us to produce the best product possible.


Our core mission is to provide rapid access to premium-quality government regulated
medical supply for the domestic market. The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the pitfalls of
outsourcing our medical supply chain. Not only was the system depleted, but counterfeit
products flooded the market which prevented the US from acquiring supply from overseas.

Working with Distributors & Resellers

We work with established distributors and resellers. We believe that domestic supply and
stockpiling of N95 respirators is a National Security Initiative.
By creating strong working relationships with those businesses on the frontline of medical
equipment distribution, we feel that Merilogy can have a much greater impact on the
domestic supply chain.
If you’re a distributor or reseller interested in Merilogy, we’d love to hear from you