Merilogy Inc. has decided to no longer sell N95 respirators from the Merilogy website. Please visit Amazon or other marketplaces to purchase N95 respirators.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to everyone who has stood by us, NIOSH included.

NIOSH stands as a paramount US government agency, responsible for certifying the production of N95 respirators. Their meticulous annual audits of certificate holders ensure that every approved manufacturer upholds a NIOSH-endorsed quality management system. Achieving and maintaining NIOSH approval is no small feat, given the continuous auditing and stringent standards. This exacting process guarantees that any product bearing the NIOSH label meets the pinnacle of industry quality standards.

This rigorous approach positions NIOSH as the gold standard in respiratory protective care. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of choosing NIOSH-approved products when seeking respiratory protection.

Stay vigilant. Prioritize safety. And our deepest thanks for your unwavering support during the pandemic. We sincerely hope our efforts have contributed to your safety in these challenging times.